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  • Special Advent Series - From 12/3/17 - 12/24/17, click on a date to see that day's teaching! Links will be added regularly.
  • Advanced Screening - Partners can enjoy Anne Davis' new teaching on Nahum.

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What’s New?

The Advent Calendar: A Visit to Bethany Beyond the JordanIn the Gospel of John we learn that John was baptizing in Bethany beyond the Jordan. Archaeologists have recently discovered the likely site of John'sRead more...

Chanukkah and the Temple Part 1This is a unique look at the popular festival of Chanukkah from the perspective of the temple. The only specific reference to Chanukkah in the Bible Read more...

The Advent Calendar: Isaiah Brings Comfort with News of the FutureDuring the second week of Advent, one of the passages that has been selected is Isaiah 40:1-11, which is rich with information about the second comingRead more...

The Advent Calendar: The Coming Judgment of the LordMark cites from Malachi in the Hebrew Scriptures when talking about John the Baptist. However, to fully appreciate what Mark is trying to convey, we mRead more...

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