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The Untold Story of Israel's Return

At BibleInteract, we were completely taken by surprise to learn that many people, from the age of 50 and younger, including American Jews, do not know the dramatic story of how Israel became a legally recognized state. That understanding is essential for an accurate view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict today. Therefore, this series of engaging conversations between Anne Davis and her guest, Laura Green, addresses this untold story of Israel’s return to the land that God has promised to them. The sessions are organized historically, so you can follow the story of Israel’s return from Jewish immigration under the Ottoman Empire, to the United Nations vote to give Israel its own state, and finally to Israel’s struggle to defend its country and its people. View Discussion

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DBT (073) - Yeshua heals Simon's mother-in-law - hidden gems - Mark 1:29-39

Dr. Koplitz examines Mark 1:29-39 using Ancient Bible study methods and makes some interesting observations about this narrative. There is quite a bitRead more...

Ancient Traditions from the Hebrew Scriptures, Part 2

In this 4-part series, Dr. Noreen Jacks presents the history and commitment of the ancient scribes, who meticulously copied the sacred Scriptures and Read more...

DBT (071) - What did salvation mean to the people of Yeshua's day? - Psalm 62

Dr. Koplitz will examine Psalm 62 to gain an insight to what the people who listened to Yeshua thought salvation was. It is NOT what followers of YeshRead more...

Archaeology and Abraham

Dr. George Sparks gives us a fascinating picture of the ancient Babylonian culture that has distinct similarities to the biblical text. ArchaeologisRead more...

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