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New in November

  • Remnant Teachings: Dr. Anne Davis demonstrates from Scripture that, as God's firstborn son (Ex 4:22), all the children of Israel are entitled to a special inheritance called the birthright in her teaching, Remnant 2: Israel's Inheritance and Birthright.
  • Biblical History: In this fun and engaging journey through the Old Testament, Dr. John Moore narrates events with engaging stories in his 12-part teaching, Old Testament Stories.
  • Biblical Archaeology: Join archaeologist Dr. George Sparks as he uncovers how the Dead Sea Scrolls shed light on the time of Yeshua (Jesus) our Messiah in his teaching, The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Time of Jesus.
  • Searching for Answers: Jean Crist discusses three parables from Luke 15 and uncovers a deeper meaning of repentance using ancient methods of searching Scripture in her teaching, The Value of the Thing Lost.

Members and Partners

Every Month we offer new teachings exclusively to Members and Partners. This month includes:

  • Hebrew Concepts in Scripture: Dr. Anne Davis digs deeper into the meanings of "Kol Ha Kavod" and "Mazel Tov" in her teaching, Hebrew Concepts in Scripture: Kol Ha Kavod and Mazel Tov.
  • Featured Teaching: Dr. Noreen Jacks continues her discussion on the Holy Spirit when she answers the question in session 2 of her teaching, Heaven's Matchmaker.
  • Members Only: As a special "Thank you" to our supporting members, enjoy a 20% discount on all products in our web store. Click here for the code required at checkout or go to the drop-down list under Members.
  • Partners Only: As a special "Thank you" to our supporting partners, enjoy a 50% discount on all products in our web store. Click here for the code required at checkout or go to the drop-down list under Members.

Exclusively for Partners - An Advanced Screening:
As a special “Thank You” to our Partners, Bibleinteract presents an Advanced Screening of select teachings before they are made available to the general public.

This Month's Advanced Screening: The Book of the Prophet Amos, Session 4.

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What’s New?

DBT (104) - Judging Others - Matthew 7:1-6

Dr. Koplitz examines Matthew 7:1-6 in which Yeshua tells us about not judging other people. This is a reminder of the idea that one should look in theRead more...

Dr. Anne DavisThe Book of the Prophet Amos Session 4

The Book of Amos records 5 visions that all have symbolic meaning about God’s judgment. Then the book ends with enticing prophetic information whoseRead more...

Dr. Noreen JacksHeaven’s Matchmaker Session 2

Who is Heaven’s Matchmaker? The Holy Spirit, of course, the One who knows the heartbeat of the heavenly Bridegroom. Heaven’s Matchmaker desires toRead more...

Jean CristSearching for Answers - The Value of the Thing Lost

Luke 15 presents 3 parables. When using Ancient Methods of Searching Scripture, a deeper meaning of repentance is uncovered.Read more...

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