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  • Remnant Book 3 and Book 4


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    This bundle is for those who already have the first two books in Dr. Anne Davis' Remnant series. These are the final two books in this series, which will challenge you with provocative suggestions that will encourage your consideration and further study. This project has uncovered a breathtaking understanding of God and how He is drawing all of His people into His righteous presence. NOTE TO PARTNERS: You will receive these 2 books as a gift after you have read Books 1 and 2. Click the link below to email Anne Davis when you are ready.

  • The Remnant Book Series (Books 1-4)


    Save 58%

    NOTE: This is a special bundle package that includes all four of the Remnant books and is available EXCLUSIVELY through the BibleInteract store. Partners will receive Remnant Books 3 and 4 as a FREE GIFT once they confirm that they have read Books 1 and 2 (see below).

  • Remnant Part 4: The End of Time Revealed in Israel's Annual Festivals


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    Book 4 in the remnant series will answer many questions you have been asking. How will all of God’s children by saved? What role will the remnant play? How are Israel’s annual festivals prophetic? When and how will God completely fulfill His promise to bless the Gentiles? The author cautions you to read Books 1-3 first for full comprehension.

  • Remnant Part 3: The Remnant in the Great Tribulation and the Millennial Kingdom


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    Using ancient methods of searching for depth of meaning, and considering the artistic nature of the biblical text, Book 3 discloses what Anne Davis has uncovered about the Great Tribulation and the Millennial Kingdom, which often diverges from traditional understanding.

  • Prophetic Feasts of the Lord


    A discussion of the history, prophetic symbolism, and Messianic fulfillment of the Feasts of the Lord, their contemporary observance in Judaism and Christianity, and personal application.

  • The Prophet Zephaniah


    Zephaniah is one of the Minor Prophets who lived in Jerusalem before the Babylonian exile. He prophesied of the destruction of Jerusalem and God's judgment of His people. His words are prophetic of the future Great Tribulation and the Millennial Kingdom that will follow

  • Experiencing Jonah: A Spiritual Discussion Guide


    This spiritual discussion guide for the book of Jonah is a compendium to the commentary of Jonah developed by the Rev. Dr. Michael Koplitz. That commentary was developed using the ancient methods of studying Scripture that the followers of our Lord and Savior Yeshua (Jesus’ Hebrew name) used. By using this method of understanding Scripture, you will be able to understand what Yeshua’s followers thought about Scripture.

  • A Commentary on Jonah using Ancient Bible Study Methods


    Dr. Michael Koplitz developed this commentary using ancient Bible study methods. This is a great reference for anyone wanting to study the Book of Jonah.

  • Intrinsic Investing


    Intrinsic investing is based on the concept that an asset is worth what it pays or saves the owner, and not on the market price.

  • Prayers to Turn a Nation: From the Structure of Malachi


    The Book of Malachi was written to turn a wayward nation back to God. In approximately 430 B.C., the nation of Judah was plagued by seven sinful attitudes that were captured in the literary structure of the book. With each sin is a spiritual solution, applicable to nations today. From the structure of Malachi comes prayers to address each of these sins and turn a nation back to God.

  • Jesus, the Gospel, and the 2016 Orlando Shooting: One Christian's Perspective


    The 2016 Orlando Shooting was the worst in the history of the United States. Many theories were proposed as to the cause of the shooting, but one aspect that was not extensively investigated was the spiritual significance of what happened. This small book looks at clues from the Bible in order to try and understand the incident from a spiritual perspective.

  • A Comparison between Western/Greek Bible Study and Hebraic Bible Study


    Final Dissertation of Michael H. Koplitz. A comparison between western/Greek Bible study and Hebraic Bible study. Why is it necessary to study the Bible in the same way the followers of Yeshua did?

  • Maximum World Impact: Through Mini Parachurch Ministries


    This book demonstrates how a handful of ordinary Christians can make a tremendous impact either overseas or domestically by running a mini–parachurch ministry with no paid staff.

  • The Book of Micah


    Dr. Davis was led to an in-depth study of the Book of Micah because of Yeshua’s startling introduction to words spoken by that prophet. “I have not come to bring peace but a sword”, declared Yeshua (Mat 10:34).

  • Remnant Part 2: A Remnant of the Church


    Save 33%

    Contrary to traditional thinking that all believers in Christ will be raptured during the Great Tribulation, this study explains that God is in the process of selecting a remnant, both from Israel and from Gentile believers in Christ. Who will participate in the remnant and what role will they play? This provocative book proposes the answers.

  • The Untold Story of Israel's Return

    from $14.00

    This is a series of engaging conversations between Anne Davis of BibleInteract and her guest, Laura Green, who is an active Jewish advocate for the state of Israel, addresses this untold story of Israel’s return to the land that God has promised to them.

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  • Satan's Final Battle Plan


    Dr. Anne Davis turns to Scripture to learn what the Bible says about deceit and discusses what Scripture reveals as Satan's final battle plan.


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