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Barrenness in the Bible: Curse or Blessing?

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Barrenness in the Bible: Curse or Blessing?

A profile of seven barren women in the Bible, six of whom gave birth in God’s appointed time with each miraculous birth pointing to the most supernatural nativity of all…Yeshua’s.

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In this 5-part course, Dr. Jacks looks at barrenness in the Bible. A study of the barren women of the Bible makes it clear that infertility was NOT a curse among the matriarchs; rather it was a great blessing because of the caliber of sons God would bring forth in His appointed time. Through the prolonged season of sadness and shame, each of the mothers-in-waiting learned to trust the infinite wisdom of the Almighty as He prepared them for motherhood. In the interim, God heard their lament, bore their desperation, and extended His unlimited grace. If you are in need of hope and encouragement in any “barren” area of your life, this study is for you.

Lesson 1: Introduction – The Stigma of Infertility in Antiquity
Michal– The Perpetually Barren Daughter and Wife of a King
Lesson 2: Sarah– The First Barren Woman in the Bible
Rebekah – The Mother of Isaac
Lesson 3: Rachel– Jacob’s Beautiful, Barren Bride
Samson’s Mother– The Nameless Barren Woman whose Son Saved Israel
Lesson 4: Hannah– The Barren Woman whose Piety was Confused for Drunkenness
The Shunammite Woman– The Barren Woman whose Son was Resurrected
Lesson 5: Elizabeth – From Barrenness to Fruitfulness in Old Age
Conclusion – Barrenness or Temporary Infertility?

Dr. Noreen Jacks
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