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  • More Promises from the Olive Tree Workbook


    Promises, promises, and more promises! The Bible overflows with blessings and encouragement to God’s children. “More Promises from the Olive Tree” is the companion workbook to Dr. Jacks’ popular book, “Promises from the Olive Tree.” As such, “More Promises” expounds on the rich truths of Scripture, taking them from head-to-heart through thought provoking comprehension and discussion questions, challenging projects, and personal application. Like the ripe fruit of the mature olive tree waiting to become the finest anointing oil, this workbook will help release the overflowing anointing that is locked within you. The format of the workbook is suitable for personal or group Bible study.

  • The Fall Feasts of the Lord: A Dress Rehearsal for Eternity


    The time has come to prepare our hearts for the Fall Feasts of the Lord, which are typically celebrated in September or October according to God’s 360-day “moveable” calendar. Beginning with Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and culminating with the seven-day celebration of Sukkoth and the “afterglow” celebrations of Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah on the eighth and ninth days, Dr. Jacks will take you on a beautiful journey as she brings the fall feasts to life!

  • Promises from the Olive Tree

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    Gleaning health and hope from the tree that can survive flood, fire, drought, frost, snow, and transplantation!

  • First Century Methods I

    from $10.00

    You will be learning ancient methods that penetrate the depth of Scripture. To do this you must learn to think with an ancient Hebraic perspective.This course is the result of several years of work and study by Dr. Davis to recapture a Hebraic way of thinking and first century methods of searching the Scriptures. Offered as both a self-study course and an online course. See 'Course Registration' for online session information.

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