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Prophetic Symbolism of the Seven Species

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Prophetic Symbolism of the Seven Species

A study of the nutritional benefits of the Bible’s seven super-foods and their prophetic significance as they point to the life and redemptive ministry of Yeshua (Deut 8:7-8).

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In this course, Dr. Noreen Jacks gives some great information on the Trees of the Seven Species. She will share the health benefits and the symbolism of the fig tree, the pomegranate, the palm tree and the olive tree – the Super Foods of the Bible. Trees are mentioned 235 times in the Bible and Dr. Jacks will give us insight as to their depth of meaning.

Session 1: The Fabulous Fig
Session 2: The Prophetic Pomegranate
Session 3: The Paternal Palm – Providing Like a Father
Session 4: The Awesome Olive
Session 5: The Wonder of Wheat
Session 6: The Blessings of Barley
Session 7: The Glorious Grape
Session 8: The Bread of His Presence (a celebration of the Eucharist)

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