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Remnant Part 4: The End of Time Revealed in Israel’s Annual Festivals

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Remnant Part 4: The End of Time Revealed in Israel's Annual Festivals

Book 4 in the remnant series will answer many questions you have been asking. How will all of God’s children by saved? What role will the remnant play? How are Israel’s annual festivals prophetic? When and how will God completely fulfill His promise to bless the Gentiles? The author cautions you to read Books 1-3 first for full comprehension.



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Book 4 is the final book in Dr. Davis’ 4-part study on the remnant in Scripture that has taken almost twenty years to complete. This final phase was driven by compelling questions about the end of time because traditional Christian theology was simply unsatisfying. The mysterious time following the Millennial Kingdom was especially enticing. When Dr. Davis began to tackle the prophetic symbolism of Israel’s annual festivals a roadblock virtually broke and she was flooded with new insights. Using ancient methods of searching the Scriptures, and exploring linguistic clues in the original Greek and Hebrew text, this project has uncovered a breathtaking understanding of God and how He is drawing all of His people into His righteous presence.

This is Part 4 of a 4-part series:
Remnant 1: Israel’s Inheritance
Remnant 2: A Remnant of the Church
Remnant 3: The Remnant in the Great Tribulation and the Millennial Kingdom
Remnant 4: Remnant, Part 4: The End of Time Revealed in Israel’s Annual Festivals

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