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Satan’s Final Battle Plan

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Satan's Final Battle Plan

Dr. Anne Davis turns to Scripture to learn what the Bible says about deceit and discusses what Scripture reveals as Satan's final battle plan.


Dr. Anne Davis was prompted to create this 4-part series after reading books authored by Nonie Darwish, who was raised in Egypt in the Islamic faith but who became a Christian believer after moving to the United States. Dr. Davis explains, “Nonie helped me understand that lying is acceptable in the Islamic culture, which drove me to Scripture to understand what we learn there about deceit. That, in turn, opened up for me what Scripture reveals as Satan’s final battle plan.”

Session 1: Satan Poses an External Threat
Session 2: Internal Threat: Satan’s Greatest Weapon is You!
Session 3: Because if Deceit, Evil is Hidden
Session 4: Evil Flourishes when Good Men do Nothing

Release Date:
April 2016

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