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Study to Show Yourself Approved

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Study to Show Yourself Approved

This teaching is not currently available through BibleInteract. Please click the link below, or visit to order this teaching.

Currently unavailable

THIS TEACHING IS AVAILABLE THROUGH ANOTHER VENDOR. Click here: Study to Show Yourself Approved to order this teaching.

The material in this course represents the culmination of the over thirty-five years worth of personal study and research by Dr. Diana Dye. It is not a hermeneutics course per se, but rather a course to help students understand and work with some of the primary patterns in Scripture. The design of the course is based on building a house from laying the foundation to designing its interior.

The course assumes students have some preliminary background in the Hebrew language, history and culture. Lectures are on video and are accompanied by a workbook. Each workbook chapter matches each lecture and contains a number of definitions, questions, exercises and projects, as well as, an extensive resource list for future study.

Chapter 1: Site Preparation: Clearning (sound instruction)
Chapter 2: Site Preparation: Excavation (sound instruction)
Chapter 3: Setting the Cornerstone: Kingdome of Heaven and the Temple
Chapter 4: Laying the Foundation: Context
Chapter 5: Framing the Structure: Hebrew Language
Chapter 6: Installing the Windows: Torah, Halachah, Aggadah, Covenants
Chapter 7: Plastering the Walls: Liturgy
Chapter 8: Interior Design: Biblical Calendar & Festival Cycle
Chapter 9: The Decor: Literary Tools


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