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Hebrew Concepts in Scripture- Members

After learning the Hebrew Alphabet, Members and Partners can enjoy a variety of intermediate teachings, including:

  • The full Introduction to Biblical Hebrew series taught by Dr. Anne Davis
  • Select Reading Biblical Hebrew teachings by Dr. Anne Davis
  • The entire 5-part series, Hebrew and Aramaic Word Pictures, taught by Jan Magiera

Just scroll down the page to enjoy the wide variety of teachings available!

Introduction to Biblical Hebrew

The following introductory lessons will open in a new window.

Part 1: Noun Sentence (download Session 1 Workbook) - FREE!
Part 2: Feminine Nouns (download Session 2 Workbook) - FREE!
Part 3: Plural Nouns (download Session 3 Workbook) - FREE!
Part 4: Pronouns (download Session 4 Workbook) - FREE!
Part 5: Adjectives (download Session 5 Workbook)
Part 6: Possessive Endings for Nouns (download Session 6 Workbook)
Part 7: Verb Tense Complete (download Session 7 Workbook)
Part 8: Prepositions (download Session 8 Workbook)
Part 9: Verb Tense Incomplete (download Session 9 Workbook)
Part 10: Reversing Vav and Word Pairs (download Session 10 Workbook)
Part 11: This, these and the verb "to be" (download Session 11 Workbook)

Hebrew Concepts in Scripture

These video teachings are available to both Members and Partners and build upon the Introduction to Biblical Hebrew courses, above. A new teaching will be added regularly. Partners have access to the entire Hebrew Concepts in Scripture Archives

Hebrew Concepts in Scripture : A Hebrew Concept, Part 1 (Divided vs. Together)
Hebrew Concepts in Scripture : Tikkun Olam
Hebrew Concepts in Scripture : Vanity of Vanities
Hebrew Concepts in Scripture: A Hebrew Concept, Part 2 (Divided vs. Together)
Hebrew Concepts in Scripture: Hebraic Concept of Love
Hebrew Concepts in Scripture: Kol Ha Kavod and Mazel Tov
Hebrew Concepts in Scripture: Serve the Lord
Hebrew Concepts in Scripture: The Earth Was Formless and Void [M]
Hebrew Concepts in Scripture:Psalm 23

Hebrew and Aramaic Word Pictures

Members and Partners can also enjoy a 5-part series on Hebrew and Aramaic Word pictures taught by Jan Magiera, a well-known Aramaic scholar whose knowledge of Aramaic and Hebrew has prompted her linguistic interest in ancient word pictures.

Hebrew and Aramaic Word Pictures 1 – FREE
Hebrew and Aramaic Word Pictures 2
Hebrew and Aramaic Word Pictures 3
Hebrew and Aramaic Word Pictures 4
Hebrew and Aramaic Word Pictures 5

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