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Biblical Hebrew – Partners

After learning the Hebrew Alphabet, Members and Partners can enjoy the full Introduction to Biblical Hebrew series taught by Dr. Anne Davis, and various Reading Biblical Hebrew teachings.

If you wish to learn more than this introductory series offers, consider taking Biblical Hebrew I and Biblical Hebrew II. The prerequisites for Biblical Hebrew I are to learn the Hebrew alphabet and to review these introductory lessons. The prerequisite for Biblical Hebrew II is Biblical Hebrew I.

Introduction to Biblical Hebrew

The following introductory lessons will open in a new window.

Part 1: Noun Sentence (download Session 1 Workbook)
Part 2: Feminine Nouns (download Session 2 Workbook)
Part 3: Plural Nouns (download Session 3 Workbook)
Part 4: Pronouns (download Session 4 Workbook)
Part 5: Adjectives (download Session 5 Workbook)
Part 6: Possessive Endings for Nouns (download Session 6 Workbook)
Part 7: Verb Tense Complete (download Session 7 Workbook)
Part 8: Prepositions (download Session 8 Workbook)
Part 9: Verb Tense Incomplete (download Session 9 Workbook)
Part 10: Reversing Vav and Word Pairs (download Session 10 Workbook)
Part 11: This, these and the verb "to be" (download Session 11 Workbook)

Reading Biblical Hebrew

These video teachings are available to Partners only and build upon the Introduction to Biblical Hebrew courses.

Unraveling a Mystery in Hebrew – Session 1: The Hebraic Sense of Time [P]
Unraveling a Mystery in Hebrew – Session 2: God Created Mankind [P]
Unraveling a Mystery in Hebrew – Session 3: Created in the Image of God [P]
Unraveling a Mystery in Hebrew – Session 4: God Formed Mankind [P]

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