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Ancient Methods Explained

“Ancient Methods” refers to an approach to studying and understanding Scripture that was in place during the time of Yeshua (Jesus). Also called “First Century Methods,” this approach to studying Scripture is the result of several decades of work and study by Dr. Anne Davis to recapture the Hebraic way of thinking. These methods are foundational to the research and teachings of BibleInteract speakers and scholars, and emphasize the way the people of the first century would have internalized Scripture.

Modern Bible study tends to take a Greek approach (hermeneutics), which uses established rules to interpret English translations. This approach is very different from the approach that the Hebrew people of biblical times would have used. The Hebrew people lived in a near-eastern (oriental) culture and their Hebraic tradition held that searching the Scriptures uncovers depth of meaning and does not encourage individual interpretation, but rather continued growth or stretching for deeper meaning and understanding. Studying and finding deeper meaning in Scripture is a continual process without end. The Hebrew people would have “heard” Scripture recited in Synagogues or in the home rather than having read it themselves because most people were illiterate and published books were not available. As a result, Scripture was internalized (memorized) and repetition, patterns, rhythm or cadence, and anything strange or startling would have been much more apparent than it is to the modern Bible scholar today.

BibleInteract offers a foundational course called First Century Methods I: Recovering Ancient Methods of Bible Study in which the student is introduced to the ancient methods of searching Scripture by learning to think with an ancient Hebraic perspective. These ancient methods are applied to all of the BibleInteract teachings.

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