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Late Bronze

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Pottery types characteristic of this archeological period:

During this time period, the Hyksos (meaning "a foreign people"), originating from Asia, were expelled from Egypt, and the native Egyptians re-installed their Pharaoh. This is known as Egypt's New Kingdom of the 18th and the 19th ruling dynasties in which the Hebrews were enslaved, to be freed hundreds of years later under the leadership of Moses. The Exodus is believed to have occurred around the 13th century BCE. At this time the pottery types of the Holy Land were enriched through trade, with imports arriving over land and sea routes throughout the region. The pilgrim flask, being the standard drinking canteen, was introduced and through the remainder of the Bronze Age underwent various modifications. Cypriot vessels and local imitations, including the bilbil (designed to hold opium), have been found by archaeologists throughout the Near East.

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