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Biblical Languages – Free

BibleInteract offers free video tutorials on learning both the Hebrew and Greek alphabets. For the serious scholar, we offer a two semester course in Biblical Hebrew (Biblical Hebrew I and Biblical Hebrew II).

Getting Started

The first step in your journey is to learn the Hebrew or Greek alphabet. Once you know the alphabet, both to recognize the letters and write them in cursive, you can work with words in the original language. You can also learn to use an online interlinear Bible to identify verses that use the Hebrew words (not the English translation), or enjoy the first session of our teaching on Hebrew and Aramaic Word Pictures. Click the links below to get started.

BibleInteract offers an 11-part series called, Introduction to Biblical Hebrew. This series is taught by Dr. Anne Davis and the first four sessions are free to everyone. Become a member to access to the remaining 7 sessions.

The following introductory lessons are on YouTube and will open in a new window. Download the Workbooks here.

Part 1: Noun Sentence (download Session 1 Workbook)
Part 2: Feminine Nouns (download Session 2 Workbook)
Part 3: Plural Nouns (download Session 3 Workbook)
Part 4: Pronouns (download Session 4 Workbook)

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