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BibleInteract Members and Partners can access past activities below.

Revolutionary Nature of Biblical Discipline 4 [M]
Revolutionary Nature of Biblical Discipline 3 [M]
Revolutionary Nature of Biblical Discipline 2 [M]
Revolutionary Nature of Biblical Discipline 1 [M]
Micah 8: Not Peace but a Sword [M]
Micah 7: The Millennial Kingdom [M]
Micah 6: The Great Tribulation [M]
Micah 5: Role of the Remnant [M]
Micah 4: The Last Days [M]
Micah 3: The Breaker will Break Out [M]
Micah 2: Micah 2:1-13 [M]
Micah 1: Historical Background [M]
Jonah, Part 4: Jonah’s Call to Serve is Prophetic [M]
Jonah, Part 3: Called to Serve [M]
Jonah, Part 2: A Growing Relationship with God [M]
Jonah, Part 1: Separation from God [M]


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Welcome to our new Perspectives program for Partners only.

This new area of our website is available to Partners only and contains thought-provoking video discussions between teachers and speakers on teachings that are currently running on our website.

The current Perspectives video is an interview with Dr. Anne Davis and Elizabeth Smith in which they discuss their perspectives on the Book of Jonah. Enjoy!

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Parable of Nathan and David

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Scripture was written to an ancient audience. Using the parable of Nathan and David as an example, you will learn how the ancient audience would have heard the imagery, the symbolism, and the echoes from the Torah. In this way you will uncover the deeper meaning of the parable. Then you can practice applying the timeless message to your life today.

Discussion Forum

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BibleInteract regularly offers Featured Teachings and other activities in order to foster discussion and interaction within the BibleInteract community.

Featured Teaching: The Revolutionary Nature of Biblical Discipline

This featured teaching is a study of discipline in the Bible taught by Dr. Anne Davis. There are only four sessions, but they will give you an overview of the what the Bible says about discipline. Download the corresponding study guide as you listen to each session. Be sure to come back and join the discussion below!

11/19/16Suicide and the Bible2016-11-19 15:37:51
11/19/16Micah, Part 12016-11-19 15:05:24
10/5/16Biblical Discipline Part 42016-10-05 12:18:15
10/5/16Biblical Discipline Part 32016-10-05 12:12:28
10/5/16Biblical Discipline Part 22016-10-05 12:05:22
10/5/16Biblical Discipline Part 12016-10-05 12:00:10

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