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Ancient Traditions from the Hebrew Scriptures, Part 1

In this 4-part series, Dr. Noreen Jacks presents the history and commitment of the ancient scribes, who meticulously copied the sacred Scriptures and preserved the pronunciation of the Hebrew language for future generations. These lectures discuss the history, purpose and symbolism of the mezuzah, teffillin (phylacteries in Greek), and the annual feast of Purim.

Session 1: Preservation of God's Word - The Masoretic Scribes

The Masoretes were scribes who faithfully copied the Holy Writings in Israel from the 5th to the 10th century A.D. They are known for creating a vowel pointing system to facilitate proper pronunciation. The numerous traditions of the Masoretes help us understand the reverence that led to faithful copying that preserved the original text.

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Speaker: Dr. Noreen Jacks
Level: Beginner
Date: 2/1/18
Length: 26:34
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