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NEW First Century Methods I Online

We are very excited to announce a new opportunity for you to acquire the skills for uncovering depth of meaning in Scripture. This new online course only requires a computer and an online connection. In this course, a video lesson begins each of the 12 sessions, and includes exercises that help you learn and practice the skills of uncovering what the Apostle Paul calls "mysteries", that is, a depth of meaning that God has hidden for his servants to discover. You can work at your own speed and go back and review if you need more practice. In addition, there are detailed explanations of the exercises that you will find helpful regardless of whether your answer was correct or not.

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To give everyone the opportunity to experience our new First Century Methods Online course, we are offering the first Session for free. To request access to the free trial session, simply click on the button below and be sure to provide your full name and email address!

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Speaker: Dr. Anne Davis
Level: Beginner
Date: 1/27/18
Length: 28:40

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