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The Power of Women in Scripture: Deborah [FA]

Session 1: The Irony of Deborah

There are two accounts of the story of Deborah and Barak. Judges Chapter 4 is a narrative that was likely written during the reign of King David. This story memorialized the past event for the purpose of encouraging the men of the 12 tribes to come together under the authority of the king. Judges Chapter 4 records the song of the women who were camp followers at the time of the victorious battle against the Canaanites from Hazor. These two chapters are conveyed with exquisite irony that employs sarcasm directed against the men of the 12 tribes in order to encourage them to stand for God by submitting to the authority of God’s selection of David as king.

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The Power of Women in Scripture Quiz 1: Deborah


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Speaker: Dr. Anne Davis
Level: Beginner
Date: 12/16/17
Length: 26:57
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