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The Power of Women in Scripture: Jael [FA]

Session 2: Jael, A Woman of the Tent

The story of Jael is one of Dr. Davis' favorites in the Bible. Deborah was a judge who advised Barak, who led an army to defeat the army of the enemy. However, Jael was a warrior in her own right, and she employed weapons available to women to kill the very leader of that enemy army who had escaped. The story of Jael is told in Judges Chapter 5, which is conveyed with emotional poetic rhythm and contains incredible imagery and symbolism. Based on the ancient linguistic style that captures the victory of the Israelites and the part played by Jael, scholars suggest that Judges Chapter 5 records the song of the women that would have been sung at the time of the victory.

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The Power of Women in Scripture Quiz 2: Jael


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Speaker: Dr. Anne Davis
Level: Beginner
Date: 12/31/17
Length: 27:01
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