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The Untold Story of Israel’s Return 2

At BibleInteract, we were completely taken by surprise to learn that many people, from the age of 50 and younger, including merican Jews, do not know the dramatic story of how Israel became a legally recognized state. That understanding is essential for an accurate view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict today. Therefore, this series of engaging conversations between Anne Davis of BibleInteract and her guest, Laura Green, who is an active Jewish advocate for the state of Israel, addresses this untold story of Israel’s return to the land that God has promised to them. The sessions are organized historically, so you can follow the story of Israel’s return from Jewish immigration under the Ottoman Empire, to the United Nations vote to give Israel its own state, and finally to Israel’s struggle to defend its country and its people.

Session 2: Aliyah to Israel and Preparing for War

In this session, Laura Green and Anne Davis continue their discussion of "The Untold Story of Israel's Return." In this session, we learn about the agonizing struggle of Jews, who had survived the atrocities of Nazi Germany, and who were then desperately trying to reach the British Mandate of Palestine. However, England was turning them away because of Arab resistance and placing them in refugee camps on Cyprus.

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Speaker: Dr. Anne Davis
Level: Intermediate
Date: 8/18/16
Length: 26:48

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