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BibleInteract User Level Options

In addition to basic user-level access, BibleInteract offers two special access levels on the website: Member and Partner. BibleInteract Members support the ongoing maintenance of our website and keep our website free from advertisements. BibleInteract Partners, through their monthly donations, help us raise funds for our research and presentations to share with the world. Below is a chart of what is available to each level of user. If you would like to make a one-time donation, click the button below.

One-Time Donation

Basic User
Become a Member
(min. donation $25.00/mo)
Become a Partner
Free Roku TV
(On-Demand Subscription $9.99/mo)
  • Select Video Teachings and Interviews
  • Special Activities that include video lectures and downloadable study guides
  • Crossword Puzzles, Word Search Puzzles, and Quizzes
  • Interviews
  • Occasional Webinars
  • Free trial for the first 7 days
  • Access to BibleInteract's Extensive Video Library (over 700 teachings available)
  • Occasional Member-Only Webinars
  • Access to Member-Only Podcasts
  • Discounts to BibleInteract events
  • Access to all video teachings and podcasts
  • Free subscription to BibleInteract's Roku On Demand Library
  • Access to Partner-Only web pages
  • Personal Interaction with BibleInteract Teachers
  • Invitations to Partner Only Events
  • Partner Only Discounts
  • Monthly donation is tax deductible
  • Watch BibleInteract Teachings on your television
  • Subscription to BibleInteract's On Demand Library for $9.99/month

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