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BibleInteract has over 200 Newsletter Teachings. The Current Newsletter Teachings are available on the website for free. Members and Partners can access the archived Newsletter Articles below.

In the Fullness of Time
Yod, the Hand of God
Did David Dance Naked before the Lord and All Israel?
The Terrific Tet
The Bread of His Presence – A Prophetic Image of Yeshua
The Humble Chet
Unraveling a Troubling Passage
The Walls Have Ears
The Zealous Zayin
Your Resurrection!
Festival Joy – A Dress Rehearsal for Eternity
The Salt Covenant
Prophecy is for Disciples
The Valorous Vav
The Heavenly Hey ה
The Importance of Biblical Archaeology
Unclean! Unclean!
The Dashing Dalet
Is God a Man?
The Consequences of a Foolish Vow
The Gallant Gimel ג
I Am the Lord Your God
The Beneficent Beaming Bet ב
Post-Natal Regulations for Israelite Mothers
The Amazing Aleph
Overview of the Levitical Regulations for the Sacrificial Offerings
Are You an Earth-Dweller or an Alien?
Is Jesus God?
It Stinketh!
Leviticus – Demystifying the Ancient Rituals
Customs of Betrothal and Marriage in Ancient Israel
Stumbling Blocks of Iniquity Before Our Face
The Rapture Theory
Will My Prayers Save Someone?
Why Did the Jews Reject Yeshua?
Who are the Overcomers in the Book of Revelation?
The Power of the Tent Pole
Fell/Face/Ground Word Study
“One will be Taken and the Other Left”
How did Aaron Escape Miriam’s Leprosy?
A New View of Glue
Yeshua, the Royal Donkey, and the White War-Horse
Jesus My Passover
Who is Melchizedek?
Why Does Asking For Wisdom Come With A Warning?
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
God Uses the Orphan
The Plural Nature of ‘Jerusalem’
God Enthroned on Our Hearts
The Masoretic Contribution to Scripture (Part 2)
Ancient Methods of Searching Scripture Has Changed My Life
The Masoretic Contribution to Scripture
God’s Forgiveness is Not Automatic
Chanukkah Past, Present, and Future
Mary’s Visit to Elizabeth in Hebron
Let Us Consider Darkness During the Festival of Lights
The World’s Most Dysfunctional Family
Why Abraham?
Pray Without Ceasing
Zephaniah’s Prophecy of End Times
Prophecy in Yom Kippur
The House of God and Your Reward
Contradicting Christian Theology about Rosh Hashanah
Sarah – The First Barren Woman in the Bible
Rescue From the Roaring Lion
On My Knees
Tribulation and Suffering
Building God’s Temple
The Four Disguises: Jacob, Leah, Tamar, and Joseph
What is our relationship to God the Father?
Two Jonahs of Leviticus 14
The Nidah Laws of Separation and Purification
Would Hannah have enjoyed Mother’s Day?
Declaring the Glory of God
The Feast of Pentecost (Shavuot) in Both Testaments
Passover Parallel
Clothes Make the Man
Next Year in Jerusalem
Can a Man be the ‘Excellent Wife’?
Great Mercies, Great Sins, and Reconciliation
The Stigma of Infertility in Antiquity
Unraveling a Mystery: God’s Creation of Mankind
Why the Scattering?
Michal – Bitter and Barren
Heavenly Scents fit for a King
Who is the Holy Spirit?
Finding Gems in the Scripture
Anti-Semitism in the Early Church
A Deeper look at Psalm 51
Let’s Not Throw Out the Baby with the Bath Water
The Aaronic Blessing (Num 6:24-26)
What is the Opposite of Doubt?
It’s Always Time to Give Thanks
Those Mysterious Magi
The King is in the Field
Prophetic Messages in the Constellation Aries
The Role of Water in the Ancient Sukkoth Ritual
Ran, Embraced, Kissed
Ritual Purity Regulations According to the Dead Sea Scrolls
Rosh HaShanah Signifies a Bursting Forth
Is it OK to study the Zodiac?
Who will serve in the Great Tribulation?
The Difference Between Praise and Worship
God is Building an Army
Finding Freedom in Joy of the Lord
Confronting Pressure in Your Life
Finding Treasure
Biblical Peace and Joy
Two Creation Accounts – Who is the Author? God or Man?
Has Your Heart been “Hardened”?
Who are the Two Lads? (Gen 48:8-20)
Does A Pattern in Scripture Reveal the End of Time?
The Dramatic Meaning of “Dove”
“Freely” and “Without Payment”
Book Review: Recovering Ancient Methods of Bible Study
The Holocaust Revisited
Purim: The Power and the Passion
Why do we Eat Unleavened Bread?
Biblical Process of Refinement
Saltiness: “You are the Salt of the Earth”
Robert Brack A Judge with Compassion
Yeshua – The Mikvah of Israel
Sealed with a Kiss
The Faith of My Nephew Geoff
How to Walk in Newness of Life
The Refreshing Account of a Spiritual Journey
Vision of a Restored Israel
How Do You Spell Chanukah?
The Gift of Biblical Love
Now They Call Me Infidel: Why I Renounced Jihad for America, Israel and the War on Terror
What are the Birth Pains?
Give Thanks for the Lord’s Loving Kindness
What is Biblical Faith?
The Mystery of Infertility
The Final Festival of Shemini Atzeret
Life Under the Stars
The Ministry of the New Moon
Which English Bible Translation is ‘Best’?
Shout in the New Year!
Mystery of the Parable of Ten Virgins
Invite God to your Wedding
Simchat Torah: Rejoicing in the Torah
Worldview Wars & A Call to Mass Exodus
Mystery of the Red Heifer
The Music of Miriam
Are You Operating the Power? Here’s How!
Rule #1: God’s Word is Always Right. Rule #2: If Tempted to Think Otherwise, Refer to Rule #1
The Kaleidoscope of Eden
Why Study Moses’ Tabernacle?
Will All Jews Be Saved?
Secular Humanist Religion Gone Wild Among “Christian” Youth
Down and Dirty
Feasts of the Lord 101
Did You Know That 90% of Publicly Schooled Christian Students Develop a Secular Humanist Worldview? Here’s Why…
The Resurrection Demands our Respect and Worship
Purim is Prophetic of End Times
Purim – The Power and the Passion
One Night with the King
Is a Secular Education Really Education?
Binding and Loosing (Mat 18:18): A Call to Forgiveness and Unity in the Body
A Story of Love that Lasts
The Stigma of Infertility in Antiquity
Why Did Solomon Threaten to Cut a Baby in Half?
The Hebrew Letter Kaf and the Holy of Holies
The Apocalypse of Yeshua to Disciples
John 1:1 and the Doctrine of the Trinity
Eternal Life and Hebraic Time
Assignment to Pray
Top 10 Reasons Why Our Family No Longer Celebrates Christmas (or Easter)
Fear Not!
The Hidden Meaning of Types and Shadows
In Times of Crisis: Are we Asking the Right Questions?
Believing is not what you think
Judgment versus Atonement
Day of Trumpets (Yom Teruah)
You have an appointment!
A New Thought on Rosh Hashanah
Sukkot: The Joy on Steroids
Forgiveness, the Answer to War
The Nature of House Churches: A Philosophical Transformation and the Deathbed of Egotism
The Airmen’s Prayer: Psalm 91
Perfect in Obedience, Not in Task
Biblial Love: Not What You Think
How God Planted the 7 Species in My Heart
The Universe: Measure of God’s Love
Identify Bondage in Your Life
Which Adam is Asking? Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?
Golden Bells in the Bible: Let Freedom Ring!
The Hands of a Father : In Commemoration of Father’s Day
He is My Defense: Responding to Unjust Accusations
Moses, a Father of Israel
Uncovering Prophecy in Shavuot (Pentecost)
Division in Hebraic Roots Fellowships
Blessed are the…
Barren Women in the Bible
Where can Wisdom be Found?
The Power of Pesach
Is the Sabbath a Commandment?
The Power and Passion of Purim
Salvation in the Cain and Abel Story
Who is Christ in You
Jews are Praying for Gentiles
Rosh HaShanah: The Jewish New Year
Rosh Hashanah
Feast of Trumpets: Teruah and Remembrance
Biblical Rest: Shabbat and Shalom
Discovering God’s Rest
Benjamin’s Birth
Covenant and Freedom
Freedom Indeed!
“On the Seventh Day God Rested”…And How Much More

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