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BibleInteract offers a variety of articles each month in it's monthly newsletter. Below are the current newsletter teachings. Visit our Newsletter Archive for a list of past teachings.

The Terrific Tet

Tet is the ninth letter of the Hebrew aleph-bet. It's sound is 't' as in 'time'. The ancient pictograph for this letter looks like a container made ofRead more...

Dr. Noreen JacksThe Bread of His Presence – A Prophetic Image of Yeshua

Have you ever wondered about the significance of the unleavened bread that rested on the golden Table of Showbread in the Holy Place of the TabernacleRead more...

Elizabet Avallone SmithThe Humble Chet

Chet is the eighth letter of the Hebrew aleph-bet. I am not talking about a name for boys of Old English derivation, a version of 'Chester' or 'RochesRead more...

Dr. Anne DavisUnraveling a Troubling Passage

Yeshua delivers disturbing words in Matthew 7:13-14 when he declares that the wide gate leads to destruction that many will enter. Then we learn that Read more...

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