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BibleInteract offers a variety of articles each month in it's monthly newsletter. Below are the current newsletter teachings. Visit our Newsletter Archive for a list of past teachings.

The Heavenly Hey ה

The Heavenly Hey ה The fifth letter of the Hebrew aleph-bet is ה and has the sound of 'h' as in 'hay'. The ancient Hebrew pictograph illustrates tRead more...

The Importance of Biblical Archaeology

Biblical archaeology has always been a critical tool for the study and understanding of the Bible, primarily because archaeology has been our foremostRead more...

Dr. Noreen JacksUnclean! Unclean!

The skin disease that the Bible refers to as leprosy is not the same disease that is known by that appellation today. Regardless, the leprosy spoken oRead more...

The Dashing Dalet

Dalet,ד, is the fourth letter of the Hebrew aleph-bet and has the sound of 'd' as in “door”. The early Hebrew pictograph looks like the 'door' oRead more...

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