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Heavenly Scents fit for a King

Written by Joella Zimmerman. Posted in

“In the Beginning God/Elohim created the heavens and the earth … and Elohim said ...”

When God spoke the vibrations and frequencies of his voice began the process of creation. My study of vibrations and frequencies began some 13 or so years ago, when reading through Torah. Since then my discoveries have been many; one is the frequencies of humans, plants and more. Part of my quest had been to understand how people were healed during the time of our Master, Yeshua. When one was sick how did they heal, what measure was taken to heal the broken heart or lift one's spirit up? A good friend in our home fellowship has great knowledge and wisdom of the plants in Northern New Mexico. This knowledge had been passed from generation to generation, as knowledge was passed on in the days of Yeshua.

My search for knowledge has led me to a company with products that contain plant material in the form of essential oils. Lets begin with two essential oils which are made from an oleo-gum resin, Frankincense and Myrrh. The resin is created by scraping the limbs & trunk of the trees. After scraping the bark a milky white substance oozes out, hardens, and then can be picked off.

In the Middle East these highly sought after resins have been used for thousands of years and referenced together over 156 times in Scripture. They were used ceremonially to help improve one's communication with the Creator. Aaron used incense to stop a plague (Nu.16:46-50). The word frankincense is translated in Scripture as 'incense.' However, in the Hebrew it is Le/bo/nah לבונה , which is Frankincense. Many times this was the Holy Anointing Oil, used to enhance meditation and elevate spiritual consciousness. Frankincense was used to anoint the newborn sons of kings and priests. It was one of three gifts brought to Yeshua by the three Magi.

In our home we use a therapeutic-grade essential oil to diffuse when studying Scripture, during prayer, or worship. Companies like Estée Lauder use Frankincense in perfumes. The species is known as Boswellia carteri.

In a recent Torah portion, we see in Genesis 37:25 that Joseph was sold to a caravan of Ishmaelites who were loaded with spices, balm and myrrh, while on their way to Egypt. This is the first reference in Scripture of an oil and referenced more than any other aromatic oil in the Bible. The last reference (along with frankincense)is in Revelation 18:13. Myrrh was also used in beauty treatments for Ester, six months prior to marrying the king. Many companies today use myrrh in their perfumes and colognes.

In ancient times, pregnant women would anoint themselves with myrrh for protection against infectious diseases and to elevate their sense of well-being (those of us who've been pregnant remember those days). Romans used myrrh in their perfumes, medicines, and in their food to stimulate appetites. The resin was chewed to help with diseases of the mouth, teeth, and gums. When Joseph and Mary received gifts from the Magi (Matthew 2:11), they must have known the the antiseptic abilities of myrrh and how to use it to prevent infection. The three wise men did not have to explain how to use myrrh or that frankincense could promote spiritual awareness and be emotionally uplifting. Mary was familiar with childhood ailments – cuts, scars, sore throats, gum infection.

As Yeshua's crucifixion drew near, his head and feet were anointed. What oil was used? Frankincense, myrrh or both. Why doesn't the Bible mention this? Perhaps it was common knowledge in that time, something we have lost. Let this stir you to searching out the lost ways of the Master and may your journey take you to places, people, and smells of a once-lost civilization.

During this season of celebrating the birth of Messiah or His announcement to the world and/or the rededication of the temple/our temple, try using some Frankincense or Myrrh in your home and experience their uplifting and cleansing power as we celebrate the season at hand.

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