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Secular Humanist Religion Gone Wild Among “Christian” Youth

Written by Christy Anderson. Posted in


Worldview underlies everything we think, say, and do. Yet, 90% of Christians have no idea that when they send their children out the door to public (and even many Christian) schools today, the worldview these children are developing is based not on the Bible, but on the RELIGION of Secular Humanism. When I say “religion,” I am not exaggerating, but stating an actual legal fact. Smith vs. Board of School Commissioners of Mobile County, Alabama, has on the books a 172 page ruling by U.S. District Judge W. Brevand Hand that declares Secular Humanism a religion qualifying in terms of the First Amendment’s religious clauses. Unlike Christianity that begins and ends with God, this Secular Humanist religion begins and ends with man and his desires. The frightening reality is that the vast majority of adults and youth who attend church today confess to love “Jesus” but ultimately live and make everyday life choices according to a worldview that is diametrically opposed to the God of the Bible. They have acquired this worldview largely through the public education system, yet they are completely unaware that they are even operating under a godless worldview. In other words, even though they attend church regularly and claim to love and accept the Messiah, they are for all intents and purposes living like a secular humanist, atheist who is at war with God.

It is one thing to make the claim I’ve just made above. And it is even provocative to demonstrate this sad reality through scientifically gathered worldview statistics (see chart below). However, the indicator of this reality comes to us in full living color when you actually see it manifest in the thoughts and ideas proclaimed by many young people who have experienced and been indoctrinated in these very ideas today.

The following clip highlights the devastating effects a non-biblical education is having on youth growing up in Christian churches, but being indoctrinated and discipled in public schools and even many Christian schools that hold the same faulty and unbiblical philosophies of education today. Ultimately, the video above (SEE LINK ABOVE) reveals a man-centered worldview where man’s feelings, ideas, and desires are the basis for right and wrong. The Bible is viewed as a “guideline,” but one that should not be taken too seriously so as to “discriminate” against the desires of man.

In the end, these youth have received an invalid, watered down, and life denying “gospel” that is incapable of provoking repentance, and ultimately, leads the person toward a very destructive life of slavery to sin and the flesh. The only real solution for sincere believers today is to remove their children from public schools and either home school or find a very solid biblical worldview centered Christian or Messianic school in their area. Ideally the Bible expects parents to educate and thus disciple their own children, but at a minimum, parents are obligated to ensure their children receive a biblical education even if they themselves are unable to do so personally (Dt. 6:4-9).

At the end of the day if the “church” is incapable of effectively passing the Gospel on to the children growing up in the church itself, how much less will the “church” impact those outside its walls? Therefore, repentance must begin in the house of the Lord, and this can only happen when and if Christian parents and church leaders begin to recognize the problem and take personal action to apply the Lord’s commandments literally in the area of youth discipleship.

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