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Who are the Overcomers in the Book of Revelation?

Written by Anne Davis. Posted in

This article is an excerpt from my book to be published in the fall of 2018, The Remnant Part III: Role of the Remnant in the End of Time

There is a pattern formed by the repetitive use of the word “overcome” in Revelation chapters 2-3. Observe in the left column of the chart below that Yeshua’s comments to the seven churches contain words of commendation, rebuke, exhortation and promise. In the two churches of Smyrna and Philadelphia, there is no rebuke. That is, they were conducting their lives in harmony with God, and are therefore in line for God’s selection of a remnant. However, one of the requirements is to stand faithful to the end (Mat 10:22). Therefore, God is giving these faithful disciples words of exhortation. “Do not fear.” “Be faithful unto death.” “Hold fast”. We will consider the promises after reviewing the remaining five churches.

Our pattern has observed two churches whose members are walking in alignment and harmony with God. They currently qualify for God’s selection of a remnant, but they must remain faithful to the end to be eligible for that choice. Now we will see three of the churches that are exhibiting some faithful behavior, but their members still have more work to do to be worthy of participating in the remnant. They are apparently disciples, and they have made Yeshua Lord in part, but they are not yet ready for the work that will be required of the remnant.

In the following chart, remember that the first row gives words of commendation, the second rebuke, the third row exhortation, and the fourth offers promises.





Zealous of works
Patient endurance
Not tolerate sin
Expose false teachers

Held fast his name
Did not deny faith

Love, service
faith, patience


Left first love

Tolerated doctrines of Balaam and the Nicolatians

Permitted ungodly teaching


Remember, repent, do


Repent, hold fast


Eat of the tree of life

Eat hidden manna
White stone with new name

Power over nations
Rule with iron rod
Morning star

Credit: Richard Booker, The Overcomers

I like to challenge you with questions, so consider the following.

  1. Describe how you felt and responded when you first believed in Yeshua the Messiah. Could this be what is meant by the Ephesians leaving their first love?


  1. What were the doctrines of Balaam? You will find this answer in Numbers chapters 22-24.


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