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Why Abraham?

Written by Michael Koplitz. Posted in

Have you ever wondered why the LORD selected Abraham to be the Eternal Father of the Hebrew people? I always found this to be an interesting question. The LORD destroyed almost all life on Earth when He brought the Great Flood. Noah and his family were on the Ark and survived. The LORD essentially restarted humanity with Noah. So, why didn’t the LORD create the Chosen People from Noah or one of his descendants? If Noah was selected as the Eternal Father than everyone of us would be a member of the Chosen People. This happens when the Messiah Yeshua grafted the Gentiles into the family of God (a description used by Paul).

Why didn’t the LORD make us all a part of the Kingdom of God using Noah? From the Holy Bible we learn that Noah obeyed the LORD. Imagine you were Noah living in his time and you thought you heard a voice speaking to you. But you looked around and there was nobody there. The idea of an invisible God was not a thought. So, where did the voice come from? Perhaps you would ignore it. But then you heard the same voice again. The voice calls out your name. You decide to answer the voice. You are told that the voice is that of God, who is the creator of Heaven and Earth. Since you were worshiping idols at the time, you would be surprised by the voice. You drop everything you are doing and you listen to the voice. You believe that the voice was that of the one true God. This God instructs you to build a boat to carry one pair of every animal on the Earth and your family. You are going to spend over one hundred years getting this boat ready.

Plenty of people are calling you insane. Your spouse also believes that you have lost your mind. But you keep plugging away building the boat. Then the day arrives and the LORD has sent two of every animal to you. You are instructed to close the door of the Ark and the rain comes. As the rain falls and the flood begins you hear people knocking and shouting outside of the Ark. They are crying for you to open the door and to let them in. You ignore the sounds.

Then there was Abraham. Imagine you are Abraham. You have come to know the LORD and love the LORD. You left your home in Harran with your family, which consisted of your wife Sarai, and your nephew’s family. During your travels to Canaan, which the LORD has told you to travel to, your wealth increases. You flocks grow and so do your nephew’s. Eventually you must separate from each other. Your nephew goes to the city of Sodom.

The LORD calls to you one day and tells you that He will destroy Sodom because of its sins. This saddens you and you start negotiating with the LORD to save the city. The only people you know in Sodom are your nephew and his family, a total of 4 persons. Your conversation with the LORD is to save the sinners and allow them to repent. Eventually the negotiation does not work. Your nephew and family leave the city right before the LORD destroys it.

What’s the difference in these stories? Noah did not show concern for his fellow humans. Abraham was so concerned about others, whom he did not know, that he took the risk and negotiated with the LORD to save the people. Because Noah did not show compassion for the people who were going to die in the Flood but Abraham did show compassion for the people of Sodom, the LORD decided that Abraham must become the eternal father to all of us.

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