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There are many ways to assist BibleInteract in fulfilling its mission. As a small nonprofit organization, we are careful stewards of our donations and financial resources. All of our teachers and a majority of our staff are volunteers, so please consider joining us. Some areas we need help with include the following, but please contact us with other services you feel you can provide even if it is not listed below.

  • Teacher's Assistant - Assist one of our teachers by checking their web pages for accuracy and occasionally listening to their teachings in order to write a summary or prepare study guides for their web pages. Our teachers include:
    • John Moore (Bible Background Series)
    • George Sparks (Biblical Archaeology)
    • Anne Davis (Ancient Methods of Searching the Scriptures)
    • Yana Sanders (Health and Wholeness)
  • Edit Videos
  • Create Promo Videos
  • Post information on Facebook
  • Monitor other Roku and web ministries and recommend ministries that may be compatible with BibleInteract
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Monitor BI website for accuracy (spelling, grammar, broken links, missing pages, etc.)
  • Edit and format books and booklets

Partners pledge a monthly donation to keep our studio operational, support the work of BibleInteract scholars, and keep our website free of advertisements. BibleInteract would not exist without the help of its partners, who are also blessed in many ways. Benefits include:

  • A subscription to BibleInteract's Roku On-Demand Programs
  • Access to the entire BibleInteract website, including Partner Only pages
  • Advanced "sneak peaks" of work by BibleInteract scholars
  • Advanced screening of video teachings and discussions with guest speakers/authors
  • Invitations to "Partner Only" events
  • Access to "Partner Only" webinars
  • Special pricing to BibleInteract events and products
  • Monthly Partner donation is tax deductible

Become a Partner

Thank You!

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