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Pastors, Bible teachers, and Bible Researchers will find the information in this area of BibleInteract useful for developing sermons and Bible School lessons

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Rev. Dr. Michael Koplitz's teachings called Discovering Biblical Treasures consists of a teaching video on a lectionary passage, which is used to develop the Sunday's in the church that he serves. In addition, commentaries are being developed by DBT for biblical books.

The material available will be:

  • A teaching video about a biblical passage using Ancient Methods
  • A research paper which contains even more research
  • The "Inspiration and Prayer" newsletter based on the research paper that can be distributed
  • A sermon video based on the sermon outline and abstract found in the research paper
  • The sermon PowerPoint files which can be edited to meet your needs
  • The material is divided into Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and Christian Scriptures (New Testament) and then divided by the different books in the Bible. Material is added weekly so if you do not find what you need remember to come back.

    You will be required to become either a MEMBER or a PARTNER to access this material. If you quote any of this material please give credit to Rev. Dr. Michael Koplitz, published by BibleInteract.

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