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Kingdom of God

Written by Andrew Godfrey. Posted in Members Only Podcasts

We all know about the future Kingdom of God when God’s people will come into His presence in righteousness. However, the NT parables are directed to disciples and encourage them to walk in righteousness now. The repetitive phrase, “The Kingdom of God [Heaven] is like” encourages us to walk in the ways of the Kingdom now as a witness of God.

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  • Thomas Brennan


    It’s becoming clear now that we are to prepare the world for the Kingdom which is already here. The traditional Christian view has been for centuries that this world is a place of suffering and that we are to strive for heaven. It seems that we are as disciples charged to make the world ready to receive the Kngdom on earth through mercy and good works and teaching how to live within that Kingdom. We are to work to change the world, not hope for a speedy exit to heaven.


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