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BibleInteractTV on Roku is easy to navigate and our on-demand subscription is only $9.99/mo. (free to BibleInteract Partners).

To view our Roku TV channel you need two things: a Roku device that plugs into your TV and a Roku account (there is no charge for this account). The BibleInteract Roku TV channel offers an On-Demand section for viewing specific shows (available by subscription only). As a partner you have free access to the On-Demand programs.

If you need to purchase a Roku device, the least expensive model will work (more expensive models are for gaming). First check to see if your TV has a USB port (newer models) or an HDMI port (a wider plugin on many older models). You can purchase the Roku Streaming Stick at Amazon or, if your TV has an HDMI port, Amazon also offers the Roku 3 (Roku 1 and Roku 2 will also work). Instructions for installing the Roku device will come with your purchase. Some new "smart" TVs have the Roku app already installed. Once connected, finding BibleInteractTV on your Roku is as easy as typing "Bible" into the search box. Contact BibleInteract Roku Support with questions.

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