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Dr. Anne Davis Dr. Anne Davis is a professor of Biblical Studies who enjoys working with graduate students to enhance their exegetical skills for exploring the depth of Scripture. She writes, "The passion of my life is searching the Scriptures for the infinite nature of God. I am always pursuing some biblical topic that catches by curiosity, like the little monkey Curious George. The resulting research invariably shapes my college lectures and ultimately leads to publication."


Dr. Davis' biographical information
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Dr. Anne Davis' teaching series:

Series Mini Lectures
Biblical Discipline Series – Dr. Anne Davis
Born Again Series – Dr. Anne Davis
Climbing Jacob’s Ladder – Dr. Anne Davis
Enter God’s Time Series – Dr. Anne Davis
Hebraic Concept of Covenant – Dr. Anne Davis
Hebraic Nature of John – Dr. Anne Davis
How to Make Good Things Happen – Dr. Anne Davis
Insider’s Chat Series – Dr. Anne Davis
Jonah Series (2017) – Dr. Davis & Dr. Koplitz
Many are Called but Few are Chosen – Dr. Anne Davis
Micah Series – Dr. Anne Davis
Not All Israel is Israel – Dr. Anne Davis
Parables – Dr. Anne Davis
Remnant Series – Dr. Anne Davis
Satan Final Battle Plan Series – Dr. Anne Davis
Testimony of the Heavens – Dr. Anne Davis
The Book of the Revelation series – Dr. Anne Davis
The Book of the Revelation through Hebrew Eyes – Dr. Anne Davis
The Power of Women in Scripture
The Prophet Zephaniah – Dr. Anne Davis
The Time of Jacob’s Trouble – Dr. Anne Davis
Total Depravity Series – Dr. Anne Davis
Untold Story of Israel’s Return with Dr. Anne Davis
Who Do You Say that I Am? – Dr. Anne Davis
Women Can Teach – Dr. Anne Davis
Ark of the Covenant Captured by the Philistines [M]
Beth Shean in Archaeology and the Bible
Corruption of Biblical Relationships [M]
Exploring the Hill Country of Ancient Israel [M]
Giants in the Bible [M]
God’s Relationship with Israel [M]
Hadassah Hospital in Israel: An Interview with Dr. Dimitrius Karoussis [M]
Hebrew Concepts in Scripture: Shalom
How God Disciplines His Children [M]
How to Give Comfort: Biblical Instruction [M]
Is God the Creator of Evil? [M]
Leave the Elementary Teachings Behind [M]
Passover in the Millennial Kingdom
Paul and the Shipwreck in Acts 27 [M]
Press on to Maturity [M]
Prophecy: Isaiah’s Parable Of The Vineyard [M]
Reading Biblical Hebrew: Digging Deeper with a Word Study
Suicide and the Bible [M]
The Miracle at Cana [M]
The Mystery of Cows [M]
Walk in Miracles: Galatians 3:1-5 [M]
Yoke of Slavery and Freedom in Christ [M]
Books and Workbooks Self-study Courses
The Book of Micah – Dr. Anne Davis
Untold Story of Israel’s Return with Dr. Anne Davis
Biblical Hebrew
Introduction to Hebrew Concepts in Scripture:- Dr. Anne Davis
Reading Hebrew Series – Dr. Anne Davis

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