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We are teachers, not preachers, and we do our best to search the Scriptures without doctrinal bias. For your continued learning, we suggest these sites that we feel are compatible with these objectives. If you think our suggested sites are preaching or doctrinal in any way, or if you have other sites you think we should include, please email us.

Site Link Description
Hebraic Roots Network Host to many mainstream Hebraic Roots teachers, music, conferences.
Hebrew Nation Radio The only Hebraic Roots morning radio station in the US. Internet accessible online or through smartphone app.
God’s Learning Channel Satellite-based Hebraic Roots TV network. Livestream available online.
Bible Archaeology Review Mainstream scholarly magazine in print and online versions. Weekly update available free. Library subscription offers many features.
Trinity Southwest University Access to reports from archaeology excavations. Information on classes.
Jewish Encyclopedia The unedited, complete 1906 edition with many articles. Excellent resource with articles and cross references.
The New Testament Gateway An academic resource with many reference resources.
Associates for Biblical Research This site posts a selection of excellent articles and videos with much current information. Updated regularly. A published journal.
Bible Study Tools A free Bible study resource available online.
Blue Letter Bible An extensive Bible research site with multiple translations and resources.
Corpus Paulinum An academic online forum with Paul's writings as its principal topic. Membership is required on this monitored site.
Biblindex An international Bible discussion hosted in France that features an academic viewpoint and content. English language version is available.
American Schools of Oriental Research Blog with many scholarly articles and weekly updates.

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