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  • Remnant Teachings: The biblical narrative is prophetic. God redeemed all of Israel from death to life during the Exodus from Egypt, but only a remnant returned from the exile in Babylon. In this session, Remnant 7: Remnant of the Church in Romans, Dr. Anne Davis shows us that first Paul talks to Jewish believers in Rome, who have been born to the special inheritance of the birthright as God's firstborn son. However, Paul warns them that they will only inherit the birthright if they demonstrate they are worthy by walking in the ways of God, which is a process of sanctification. Those who do inherit the birthright will be a remnant. This is part 7 in a 10-part series that discusses the remnant of believers in Christ, who will join the remnant of Israel.
  • Biblical History: Dr. John Moore brings geography, photography and archaeology to the story of young David, which breathes life into the narrative and transcends you to the time of David, Jonathan and Saul. Recent discoveries of Jerusalem's ancient water system contribute to the story in Session 6 of his 12-part Old Testament Stories series with his teaching, Old Testament Stories: David becomes King.
  • Biblical Archaeology: Archaeology brings to life the dramatic story of the biblical narrative by excavating walled cities, uncovering artifacts, and discovering convergences between the Bible and what archaeology has unearthed. In this introductory session Professor Sparks shows us how the land influenced the history of ancient Israel. Then he turns to biblical archaeology to explain the method of dating and the search for convergences between the science of archaeology and the biblical text. Introduction to Biblical Archaeology, Part 4: The Iron Age is the fourth session in a 4-part series that includes Archaeology and Exodus from Egypt, Archaeology and the Patriarchs, Archaeology and the Time of the Judges.
  • Special Teachings:
    • The Power of Women, Part 3 - Join Dr. Anne Davis in her Session 3 of her teaching, Abigail. The story of Abigail, her evil husband Nabal, and David before he became king is a testimony to a woman who acted in a godly way despite a difficult worldly situation. Many would have been tempted to act in a worldly manner, but not Abigail!
    • Hebrew, the Living Word - Join Dr. Charles Lu in his teaching on the Hebrew word-picture study of the word "love - ahav." Dr. Lu discusses John 3:16 in the Old Testament Tanakh. This is Session 3, Hidden Meaning of Love.
    • Bad Boys of the Bible - Join Dr. John Moore in Part 3 of this 5-part series, Life Under the Herods: Bad Boys of the Bible. This series brings to life the dominating political figures at the time of Jesus. We know that Herod the Great was King of the Jews at the time Jesus was born. But who was he and who were the other Herods mentioned in the gospel story? This background information is not only fascinating but also essential to understanding the context of the life and times of Jesus. In Part 3, Archelaus and Philip: Two sons of Herod, Dr. Moore paints a vivid picture of two of Herod’s sons, Archelaus and Philip, who are both mentioned in the New Testament, and how their reigns form the background in which the ministry of Jesus takes place.

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  • Hebrew Concepts in Scripture: Dr. Anne Davis discusses the creation narrative in which there appears to be two different accounts of God creating mankind. One account relates God creating mankind in His own image (Gen 1:27) and the other relates God forming mankind from the dust of the earth. Join Dr. Davis as she explores the two different, and at first seemingly incompatible, accounts of God creating mankind. In one God creates mankind in His own image, which is holy and righteous. In the other, God forms mankind from the dust of the earth. In this session, Dr. Davis takes us to Genesis 2:7 to help us understand not only God's "forming" mankind, but also the relationship between the two creation accounts of mankind. Together we will explore the Hebrew text to understand this startling revelation in her teaching, Unraveling a Mystery, Part 4: God formed Man. This is part 4 in a 4-part series.
  • Searching the Scriptures:Using foundational methods of bible study, Dr. Anne Davis shows that the book of Jonah is more than a simple story. In her teaching, Jonah, Part 1: Separation from God, Dr. Davis shows us that Jonah is more than a simple story. It is not only teeming with instruction that is relevant for us today but it also includes enticing prophetic information about the end of time. The prophecy is what intrigues us most, but we must carefully study and practice the information in the first three chapters to fully appreciate the prophecy in the last chapter. We will begin in the first chapter that describes separation from God.
  • Featured Teaching: Dr. Yana Sanders gives you some wonderful short and easy-to-learn Hebrew phrases. You will be able to praise the Lord in His own language, and you will feel a swelling emotion that reaches out to the Lord in her teaching, Hebrew Praise Phase.
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