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  • Biblical Hebrew II - Course Registration


    This course is a continuation of Biblical Hebrew I. It is an extensive online course that is only open to students who have completed Biblical Hebrew I.

  • Biblical Hebrew I - Course Registration

    Currently unavailable

    Rather than emphasizing traditional rules of grammar, this course is built on two principles. First is the sound of the language; you will be listening to the Hebrew. Equally important, you will learn to read the Hebrew aloud yourself, although you may not always understand what you are reading. After all, listening and repeating is the way that children learn. If you master a language, you must be like a child.

  • First Century Methods I Online - Course Registration


    The goal of this course is to help you learn and practice certain skills so you can penetrate the depth of Scripture.

  • First Century Methods II - Course Registration

    Currently unavailable

    This is a completely new online course that uncovers patterns and includes a writing seminar. You must have the approval of Dr. Anne Davis to register.

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