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  • Abraham, A Friend of God


    Travel back to the days of Abraham to learn the covenantal traditions of the Bible lands and how they relate to New Covenant believers today (a verse by verse study of Genesis 15).

  • Introduction to Biblical Archaeology


    In this introductory session Professor Sparks shows us how the land influenced the history of ancient Israel. Then he turns to biblical archaeology to explain the method of dating and the search for convergences between the science of archaeology and the biblical text.

  • Prophetic Symbolism of the Seven Species

    from $13.00

    A study of the nutritional benefits of the Bible’s seven super-foods and their prophetic significance as they point to the life and redemptive ministry of Yeshua (Deut 8:7-8).

  • Archaeology and the Bible


    This is the complete set of a 4-part series on Archaeology and the Bible. George Sparks, curator of a biblical archaeology museum, makes the text living and real with interesting artifacts, engaging stories, and images from the Holy Land.

  • New Perspectives on the Annual Festivals


    This is the complete set of 4 sessions. Dr. Diana Dye brings us a deep and prophetic understanding of four of Israel's annual festivals through the nature of the Hebrew language, and its expression in the Hebrew Scriptures, which is rich with figurative and symbolic images. Hanukah portrays the Remnant of God's people and the special role they are being called to play. The Gospel of John draws on Shavuot in the story of the woman at the well. The festival of the new moon finds its imagery in John 3 when Yeshua asks, "How can a man be born again?" The last session discovers Passover imagery in John 6.

  • Ancient Hebrew Poetry: Psalm 23


    A literary analysis of Psalm 23 helps us understand what causes our emotional response. Equally important, the pattern of parallel lines and the rich play on words conveys a deep sense of understanding that penetrates goes beyond the literal meaning. After practicing with Psalm 23, you will be able to recognize poetry and its deep intended meaning in other psalms as well as in other portions of Scripture like the prologue to the Gospel of John. A study guide will help you follow and understand the presentation. It also encourages small group discussion and suggests ideas for life application. Sample discussion question: "There is a sense both of the future and also of the present in Psalm 23. First identify the verses that convey these two aspects. Then discuss the relationship between them. How do believers in Christ fit into this sense of future and present time?

  • Uncovering Mysteries in Ruth


    In this 4-part series, Dr. Anne Davis brings the story of Ruth to life in a way that penetrates beyond the narrative.

  • Into His Presence


    This is the complete set of 4 sessions entitled "Into His Presence." Dr. Diana Dye explains that the ancient altar rituals continue today in the Siddur, the Jewish book of prayer. This series does not discuss the Siddur but unfolds for us the ancient customs that surrounded the altar and their deep spiritual meaning.

  • No Longer Under the Law


    The Apostle Paul declared that believers in Yeshua were no longer under the law. But the Christian community has been divided on just what that means. Dr. Anne Davis suggests that the solution is to explore the inseparable connection between the writings of Paul and the Hebrew Scriptures, which is what she does in this series. You will undoubtedly be surprised by her final conclusion. A study guide accompanies this DVD series, and Dr. Davis encourages dialogue and discussion.

  • The Power of Women in Scripture


    In this 4-part series, Dr. Anne Davis clearly enjoys bringing to life four women who play important roles in Scripture. She explains how she penetrates the artistic nature of the Hebrew language, which she explains in English, to uncover dramatic and meaningful insight about these women.

  • The Prayer Service


    In this 4-part DVD series, which comes with a Study Guide, Dr. Diana Dye explains the richness and relevance of the Jewish prayer service, and shows us where references to the prayers appear in the New Testament. These prayers may be as relevant today as they were in the time of Yeshua.

  • DVD Series: Introduction to the Remnant


    This is the complete set of four sessions in a 4-part series by Dr. Anne Davis entitled "The Remnant and Israel's Inheritance." Dr. Davis shows us from Scripture that all the children are born to a special inheritance known as the birthright because God calls them His firstborn son. However, to be worthy to inherit the birthright the firstborn had to go through a process of instruction and testing. Only those who submit to God as His willing servants will belong to the Remnant of Israel that will inherit the birthright. Members of Christ's Church are not born to the birthright but Yeshua is. God's firstborn son is now seated at the right hand of the Father, signifying that He is worthy to inherit this position of leadership. However, the inheritance is a promise, and He must return to possess His inheritance. When He does, the Remnant of Israel will be with Him. So will a Remnant of the Church who have also been declared worthy as obedient followers of Christ.

  • Walking by the Spirit as Servants of God


    Dr. Anne Davis brings many years of research to this series, presenting each of the four sessions in an engaging way that stimulates thought and discussion. She shows how the NT concept of walking by the Spirit is intimately tied to the Hebrew Scriptures. The earliest Christians, who were Jews, would have known this connection. But today we need to go back and explore the rich relationship between the two testaments.

  • Uncovering Mysteries in the New Testament


    Dr. Anne Davis explains that the New Testament is, in large part, midrash on the Hebrew Scriptures. The early Church pored over their Holy Writings to penetrate mysteries of Yeshua, his death and resurrection, and especially the power of the Holy Spirit. But in typical Hebraic fashion, these mysteries are recorded in the NT in a veiled way. They are available only to those who have a heart to dig for them. But we need to know how to dig and uncover.

  • Hebraic Roots of the New Testament


    "Hebraic Roots of the New Testament" is a 2-part series with 4 hours of teaching that comes with 2 DVDs and 2 study guides. Dr. Anne Davis suggests you may be surprised by the overwhelming connection of the New Testament with the Hebrew Scriptures. But that should come as no surprise since the NT authors were Jews who knew the Hebrew Scriptures intimately. Furthermore, they believed that God had placed everything in His Word that mankind would ever need to know. There were, of course, hidden mysteries, but those could be uncovered in God's time. The NT is uncovering some of those mysteries, but in a mysterious way. Some even suggest that the the NT is midrash on the Hebrew Scriptures.

  • Dew of Heaven


    Dr. Diana Dye explains how the rabbis associate the dew with the resurrection of the dead. In this series, she explores the atonement and the resurrection in a number of stories in the Scriptures. She finds this pattern in the story of Elijah and the Widow, the Manna in the Wilderness, Gideon's Fleece, and the Blessing that Isaac gave to Jacob.

  • Who Do You Say that I Am?


    Peter answers, "You are the Christ, the son of the living God." This sounds simple. But behind the surface meaning is an incredible depth of understanding.

  • How New is the New Covenant?


    You may be surprised that your English understanding of covenant, and even the meaning of the Greek word in the New Testament, does not align with the Hebriac concept of covenant in the Hebrew Scriptures. Dr. Anne Davis suggests we cannot appreciate, or even understand, the concept of the new covenant in the gospel of Christ without first going to the Hebrew Scriptures for an in-depth understanding there. Then she returns to the NT declaration of a "new" covenant with a rich and meaningful conclusion.

  • Many are Called but Few are Chosen


    "Many are called but few are chosen" (Mat 22:14). Who are the called? Who are the chosen? By whom? For what purpose? The answer is in the Hebrew Scriptures. Returning to the NT passage, vivid imagery and symbolism offers powerful and thought-provoking messages.

  • Baptism by Water, Holy Spirit, and Fire


    John the Baptist declared, "I baptize you with water...[but Yeshua] will baptize you with Holy Spirit and with fire." In this series we will explore the Jewish tradition of ritual cleansing that led to Christian water baptism. We will then examine the historical development of baptism in the Christian Church before turning to Scripture to understand both baptism by the Holy Spirit and baptism by fire We will discover that baptism by the Holy Spirit leads to power in our lives. Baptism by fire is not only prophetic of end times but can also be present in our lives today.


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