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Holy Cow! The Mystery of the Red Heifer Workbook

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Holy Cow! The Mystery of the Red Heifer Workbook


This study is intended to “clear the fog” regarding the mysterious sacrifice of the Red Heifer, a perplexing ritual that not even King Solomon, the wisest man of Israel, ever understood. Modern man, on the other hand, has the privilege of looking backwards in time through the telescope of Bible history to see the fulfillment of Old Testament types and shadows that pointed to our Lord Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah). What our spiritual forefathers witnessed in prophetic symbolism is now reality for those who choose to serve the living God.

Session 1: What Makes a Heifer Holy?
Session 2: The Ordinance – Perplexities and Prophecies
Session 3: Abraham and the Sacrificial Heifer (Genesis 15)
Session 4: The Woman at the Well and the Cup of Death.

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