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Jesus, the Gospel, and the 2016 Orlando Shooting: One Christian’s Perspective

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Jesus, the Gospel, and the 2016 Orlando Shooting: One Christian's Perspective

The 2016 Orlando Shooting was the worst in the history of the United States. Many theories were proposed as to the cause of the shooting, but one aspect that was not extensively investigated was the spiritual significance of what happened. This small book looks at clues from the Bible in order to try and understand the incident from a spiritual perspective.


David Palmer Smitherman was raised in Alabama, but currently lives with his wife in the mountains of northern New Mexico, where he is a licensed professional engineer. He is the president and a founder of Antioch’s Calling, a volunteer, mini-parachurch ministry devoted to assisting Christian ministries in the developing world. He has been traveling to Uganda since 2003 on short-term trips working with churches and water-well drilling ministries. Most people know him as “Palmer” and he has a love for birds.

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