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Maximum World Impact: Through Mini Parachurch Ministries

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Maximum World Impact: Through Mini Parachurch Ministries

This book demonstrates how a handful of ordinary Christians can make a tremendous impact either overseas or domestically by running a mini–parachurch ministry with no paid staff.


One of the primary concerns of the Torah is assisting the poor who are part of the family of Messiah. With so many poor churches in the developing countries, what is the most effective way to assist them? The traditional vehicle is to donate to a large, parachurch ministry, but this both lacks personal interaction with the recipients and generally only targets specific products, such as water wells. A much more direct and flexible way to assist those in need is through mini-parachurch ministries. These tiny ministries emulate the pattern of assistance to the poor found in the writings of the Apostle Paul, and to a lesser extent, in the Torah. They may be created by as little as three people (depending on state law) and run in your spare time while maintaining a full time job. This book will teach you how to create and run a mini-parachurch ministry and directly fulfill one of the primary injunctions of Torah: assisting the poor in the family of God. In the process you will also be spreading the gospel of Yeshua.

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