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Remnant Part 2: A Remnant of the Church

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Remnant Part 2: A Remnant of the Church

Contrary to traditional thinking that all believers in Christ will be raptured during the Great Tribulation, this study explains that God is in the process of selecting a remnant, both from Israel and from Gentile believers in Christ. Who will participate in the remnant and what role will they play? This provocative book proposes the answers.



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A Remnant of the Church is Part 2 in a 3-part series on the remnant in Scripture. It is vital that you read Part I first before beginning this second book in the series. The foundational principles are all explained in Part I: Israel’s Inheritance. This book will uncover a wealth of information about a remnant of the Church, meaning those who believe in Yeshua the Messiah and have received God’s gift of the Holy Spirit through their faith in Christ. You will discover that God is not treating believers in Christ any differently than He was treating the children of Israel in the Hebrew Scriptures. What makes this book on the remnant of the Church so compelling and provocative is that there are only two clear and literal references to the remnant in the New Testament. However, by listening for startling linguistic anomalies, which Yeshua’s audience would have heard, we will uncover a wealth of deeper meaning that points quite dramatically to the future role of the remnant and the ongoing preparation that is occurring today.

This is Part 2 of a 4-part series:
Remnant 1: Israel’s Inheritance
Remnant 2: A Remnant of the Church
Remnant 3: The Remnant in the Great Tribulation and the Millennial Kingdom
Remnant 4: Remnant, Part 4: The End of Time Revealed in Israel’s Annual Festivals

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