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Advanced Screening

As a special thank you to our Partners, BibleInteract is now presenting advanced screenings of select teachings before they are made available to the general public.

Thank you for supporting BibleInteract.

The Ten Commandments

Beginning April 1, Scott Aaron discusses how, for 3,000 years, we have had ten concise, yet wise written statements written by God himself, which act as our moral compass and reveal how we are to be in proper relationship with God and mankind. The ten statements are the foundation of Judeo-Christian values, and are the ketubah (marital) terms for those who desire to be in covenant with (and to know) the King of the Universe. They are more relevant today than ever before, as we prepare for the return of Messiah to set up His millennial kingdom on earth.

These lectures will be released to the general public in the fall of 2018. We hope our partners will enjoy this advanced screening.

TitleSpeaker Name
The Ten Commandments Session 1Scott Aaron
The Ten Commandments Session 2Scott Aaron
The Ten Commandments Session 3Scott Aaron

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