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BibleInteract offers a variety of articles each month in it's monthly newsletter. Below are the current newsletter teachings. Visit our Newsletter Archive for a list of past teachings.

The Amazing Aleph

When learning a new language it is a good idea to learn its alphabet first. Remember learning the English alphabet? We memorized symbols and their corRead more...

Dr. Noreen JacksOverview of the Levitical Regulations for the Sacrificial Offerings

Perhaps you are as confused as I was regarding the various sacrifices that were offered to the Lord during the days of the Tabernacle and Temple. For Read more...

Are You an Earth-Dweller or an Alien?

Does the Bible attach special meaning to the term 'earth-dweller'? Is it just a poetic way of referring to human beings? There is a distinction betwRead more...

Jean CristIs Jesus God?

I have always believed Jesus is God. Recently a friend shared with me that she believes Jesus is the Son of God, but not God. This made me think aboutRead more...

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